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Something to Smile About

Life has a terrible way of kicking us in the a$& when we need to be humbled. It may be the environment and circumstances around us that we have absolutely no control over or it may be completely self-inflicted. There are times when we examine who we are and what purpose in this world we serve. It’s easy to lose a sense of relevance and find yourself in a daily grind that seems to produce no tangible results or continues a pattern of destructive behavior. Hopefully, there is some intervention in the form of a friend calling, a walk on the beach, snuggles from our pet (Murray made she we included that one), a visit with family, etc. In this case, an unexpected rendezvous with a customer at The Station Park Circle resulted in a “feel good” moment.

Two days ago we decided on a spur of the moment to utilize a piece of glass we had left over from a previous job. There was no time frame, but we worked late into the evening to make sure it was completed. We shut down the shop yesterday for a few hours to deliver the console table to The Station Park Circle just before two o’clock while Ms. Shannon was still there. We walked in and noticed a mother and daughter eyeing the gas station sign coffee table. After a short conversation, they decided to buy it as long as we delivered it to the daughter’s new home in a nearby neighborhood. She selected 23 as the number to showcase in recognition of her anniversary.

It could be considered merely a coincidence our paths crossed at exactly the right time, but that’s not the ending to the story. We learned the mother’s name is Leslie, spelled exactly the same as Les’s full name. It’s spelled exactly the same as Leslie Hill, also known as Les’s grandfather and owner of Hill’s BP where the sign originated. They were intrigued by the story and reassured us the piece would be treasured. We hope every piece we create finds a loving home, especially the ones with sentimental value. There were real reservations about selling this table, but this random encounter and resulting conversation made us smile. It’s a feeling that makes you cherish the hard work in the shop and gives you hope for the days to come.


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