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On the way home from the fire department this morning, Les was listening to Country Countdown USA with special guest Chase Rice. He was describing how most of his music is reflective of personal feelings and experiences. In fact, one album was completely about his ex-girlfriend.

In the past, you’ve heard us discuss how we typically don’t base projects off plans and rely on constant communication with the client to create a Piece of Work. Many times the final product does not reflect the initial design. That’s just the way we work and we don’t have a problem with it. If you have an exact plan, then maybe we aren’t the right fit. Here is the element you will be missing out on though, PURE EMOTION.

To be completely transparent, we are probably average wood workers and metal workers. We are relevant when it comes to engineering, but sometimes avoid certain elements because of a lack of large or expensive machines. That’s just the way we work and we don’t have a problem with it. If you have a complex need, then maybe we aren’t the right fit.

To bring this full circle, we share the same feelings as Chase Rice when it comes to our projects. They are mainly built with pure emotion and creativity. Most of you may never realize the difference or pay it any attention. However, when we look back across our social media feeds, we can see the emotion in the projects and we can hear the emotion when reading the captions. We see all our heartbreaks, sadness, enthusiasm, hopefulness, aggravation, hurt, patriotism, etc. We see the highs and lows, the times we almost gave up, and the times we found another spark.

If you take the emotion out of Piece of Work, it’s not Piece of Work. It’s just guys with a side job. It’s just a business that builds random things from ordinary materials with no overall impact. Regretfully, we can lack showing emotions at times through our actions and words, but never dispute our emotion through our work!


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