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"Easter Thoughts"

Anyone that knows my sister, Summer Baker, has probably felt her wrath of evil at some point. I introduce her as "The Devil", but she claims innocence and instead blames it all on my constant picking she endured in our younger years. Against my better judgement, I will admit that I love her and if I ever needed anything, I know she would be the first one there... although maybe only because she will drive faster than Ole Lamar. In a recent conversation, she told me to quit writing novels with the posts we make because nobody reads all that. As a dutiful sibling...I ignored her and didn't listen.

A core value of Piece of Work is to honor the past as much as possible. Just like Easter, it’s all about resurrection and new beginnings. The materials we use were left for dead and now, with a little TLC, they will live another lifetime. We recognize that there reasonably is a certain percentage of people that probably don’t care about the origin of each piece we produce. It may even be arguably more people than not, but for those that do care and appreciate it, we will and always will continue retelling the story behind each and every piece of work because that's who we are. Superficially, it is just wood and metal...just pieces of material. Conceptually, however, loving hands--those of our ancestors--labored over these pieces in a time without computers or fancy machinery. They committed hours upon hours to make sure things were just right with what we consider today primitive tools. So the "narrative" is not just about the material, it’s about the people behind the material and the story they created. At POW, that means something to us and we hope it does to you as well. If it doesn’t we still enjoy the work and friendships so give us a call anyway. Even Summer can call, as long as Maisy is the one on the other end!

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