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Thanksgiving is traditionally a day to celebrate the blessings of the year. It is synonymous with meaningful gatherings, great food, and relaxing naps with family and friends. In a world where physical possessions can reflect social status and worth, Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to reflect back and give thanks to all that life has to offer. By this time you are probably wondering what this has to do with Piece of Work and some good ole boys just working hard and having a good time. However, we find ourselves constantly caught up in the day to day grind that chooses work over friends and deadlines over personal time. While this may seemingly appear to lead to a successful business, it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to balance in life. So, let’s take a day to forget about crazy schedules, bank accounts, and possessions to be grateful for the intangible things, many of which we may take for granted in the moment. Who are we grateful for on this Thanksgiving? Piece of Work has been surrounded by fantastic people that have provided more support than anyone could ever imagine. We thank our loving families that allowed us to store material in the back yard and complete projects in the driveway, not to mention their guidance and motivation over the last three years. From that first barn on Duane Cassidy’s property to the latest provided by Ms. Devine, enough thanks can’t be given to the owners that trusted us to bring life back to material that was worn and tattered. We thank our friends and coworkers for all the assistance along the way. Even the smallest of deeds didn’t go unnoticed. At the top of that list is Clare for too many things to list, but most importantly, running the "vroom-vroom." We thank all the clients that welcomed us into their homes and businesses and allowed us to be a part of their lives, many of which became wonderful friends as well. We thank the other small businesses and network of artisans in the Charleston area, such as Sally Bunting, that sometimes assist with projects and are always available for advice or direction. Our network of family, friends, clients, and mentors is continually expanding. As Fred Sanford says, “WE’RE BUILDING THE EMPIRE” one day and one job at a time! THANK YOU to everyone that has decided to be a part of Piece of Work and go along this journey with us.

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