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It is difficult to define exactly what word or phrase summarizes our work. Often times, the words “reclaimed” and “salvaged” are used, but that doesn’t fully capture what defines Piece of Work. There are many businesses that do great work, but their “reclaimed” and “salvaged” materials originate from distributors or other individuals and have been partially or even fully processed. When you buy “ready to assemble” furnishings from big box stores, that’s exactly what you get: pieces that were made in a manufacturing plant in another country. Their imperfections were designed on a computer system and stamped out by a large machine by the thousands. Recently, when installing an accent wall and bunk bed, the owner described our work as “authentic,” and this comment really struck a chord. Our work is not perfect nor completely refined, but it is authentic and we embrace that. We love displaying the imperfections front and center, making them the highlight of the piece. In our minds, it is these imperfections that make the pieces perfect in their own right. It makes not one piece exactly the same. No two sets of doors, benches or tables will match, making each piece fully authentic and one-of-a-kind.

If you want something that is perfectly refined, exactly square, or planed down to the smallest of increments, then we are not the company for you. Material that has undergone that extensive amount of processing has lost the character we, at Piece of Work, value so hard to preserve. If you want a piece, unique and authentic with a story we can tell first hand and with arguably as much character as anything else you will ever own, then WE ARE THE COMPANY FOR YOU.

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